American revolution 5 paragraph essay

So what makes for an exciting essay topic? Think about what really caused certain events in the build-up to the revolution.

American revolution 5 paragraph essay

An anti-working class organization: The Janus decision is above all else an attack on the collective bargaining rights of ALL workers, not just a crimp in the finances of the union bureaucracy. By endorsing this decision the SEP has gone over to the side of Right to Work and of the cabal of reactionary ideologues and billionaires like the Koch brothers who organized the campaign to push the Janus case to the Supreme Court.

As has been pointed out, the SEP position amounts to a classic case of throwing out the baby the democratic rights of workers to organize collectively with the bathwater the union bureaucracy.

American revolution 5 paragraph essay

It also amounts to crossing a class line by supporting a major legal attack on working class rights. As I argued in my post, on the basis of this position the SEP is now an openly anti-working class organization.

North starts out with a correct assessment that globalization has brought about a severe degeneration of the labor movement but he then takes what is essentially a conjunctural crisis and inflates it into a supposedly universal truth. A further point worth noting: Precisely because of their spontaneous character, such formations will start out by accepting the limits of capitalism and seek to bargain for better conditions within the system: And to the extent that these committees remain bound by spontaneity — i.

But one might as well say the same thing about spontaneous consciousness as such: But this is hardly the end of the matter as far as Marxists are concerned: I said in my post that socialists intervene in unions to the extent that members of those unions retain important gains that still need to be defended.

In one of the points in his legal brief-type indictment of my post, London asks rhetorically: One of the comments mentioned Bureau of Labor Statistics about the advantages of having a union compared to not having one.

Here are some specific figures from those stats: The wage premium for union work was 26 percent as ofwhich means that unionized workers made on average 26 percent more than non-unionized workers for the same type of work. This wage premium was more pronounced for women and minorities.

Female union members earned 33 percent more than their non-union counterparts. Hispanics doing full-time work earned on average 47 more in a union than out of it, and African-Americans earned 30 percent more.

The gap between union and non-union work is also evident in access to benefits. For medical plans, the numbers are 95 percent compared to 68 percent. In particular statistical averages gloss over bureaucratic crimes like two-tier wage systems. Nonetheless, these numbers are not nothing.

Especially in public sector unions, and especially in blue states like New York and California, these numbers reflect important gains that millions of workers have managed to preserve. They represent the difference between a minimally decent standard of living and perpetual drudgery.

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Which is why the Right to Work forces have been so persistent in their efforts to outlaw the agency shop and break up this last remaining stronghold of unionization. The SEP may not recognize the existence of these gains, but the Koch brothers certainly do.

A party so blithely indifferent to what matters to workers is one whose politics have gone off the deep end. The scratch of sectarianism has become gangrenous.

The SEP is an organization that has gone over to the side of the enemies of the working class. For instance, take this one, The SEP calls for the formation of rank and file committees in the work place, totally independent of the union.

Why do you oppose this policy? We never said we opposed the slogan for rank and file committees. In fact we raised it even before the SEP did in the course of our critique of their conduct during the New York Transit Workers strike of I would like to ask Mr.

London a couple of questions: Do you maintain that workers are better off without being represented by a union than when they are unionized? If so how do you account for the big difference in wages and benefits of workers in Right To Work states to workers who at least have the protection of a union contract?

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London has been a long time coming, evolving over the past 25 years as Frank has mentioned. This was further solidified by a talk given by David North in where he made the claim that the very form of a union guarantees that it will have a reactionary content.

The Janus decision must be understood in its historical context. It is a landmark legal decision that puts shackles on the efforts of public employee unions to survive. It is a direct descendant of the infamous Taft Hartley Act of which made the closed shop illegal in the United States and placed massive restrictions on the ability of unions to take actions in defense of its members, including severely limiting the right to strike.The Enlightenment was crucial in determining almost every aspect of colonial America, most notably in terms of politics, government, and religion.

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