Case study lamoiyan corporation pedro cecilio

A number of business practitioners and educators all over the world attended the said discussions on the challenges described by Pope Benedict XVI through his social encyclical entitled Caritas in Veritate Charity in Truth.

Case study lamoiyan corporation pedro cecilio

Operation Blessing-Holiday of Hope and Cheers Part II When Nherry, one of my groupmates, told us that our project proposal under the Operation Blessing was approved, I was so excited and at the same time nervous because it is my first time in the activity like this and I don't really know what to expect.

But my experience there is very unforgettable and will always be part of my heart. We were given a chance by the Operation Blessing to be part of the Holidays of Hope and Cheers program as a volunteer.

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One hour trekking up the mountain, crossing the river and passing the Lahar with our big bags on our back and boxes to be carried plus the sunlight directly hitting us and the sweat. Ednalin and I during my interview to her The lives of the people there are so simple.

I am wondering how the family can survived in that kind of life because, when you think about it, an average family there has kids and their main source of living is the kamoteng kahoy that they harvested in their mini backyard.

Maybe for many of us thinks the same as mine but when you look at them you can see the lightness of life and feel the faithfulness of God in their lives. Then, we were ready to meet the kids. We had games, we sang songs, dance the aeta dance and had a story telling about God and salvation.

Also we had our divided session, which I loved the most, because the group was a bit smaller and more personal. Unlike me, my life is full of blessing but here I am full of complains.

After our program, I realized how to appreciate little blessings that God gave me and learn to share those blessings for me to become a channel of blessings as well.

Life is full of surprises because my experience there became upside down because even though we went there to give blessings to them, at the end of the day I was the one who have been blessed by their lives and how they live it and even though we went there to teach them bible lessons I was the one who learned life's lesson and even though we went there to give smile in their faces, but they were the ones who gave us joy in our hearts.

This maybe my first time but definitely not my last.

Case study lamoiyan corporation pedro cecilio

I'll post perhaps another post for some pictures.Cecilio K Pedro decided to compete with the multinational giants by producing locally made toothpastes and hit them where it would hurt the most the selling price.

He founded the Lamoiyan Corporation, which became the manufacturer of the first locally produced toothpastes “Hapee” and “Kutitap” (sparkle).

Case study lamoiyan corporation pedro cecilio

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Search ORDER NOW. LAMOIYAN CORPORATION THE COMPANY Lamoiyan Corporation is the first Filipino company to succeed in penetrating the local toothpaste industry, long dominated by multinationals, with their own brand of toothpaste, Hapee.

Since their formal inauguration in March, , they were able to maintain a consistent quality standard on their toothpaste. During his talk on corporate social responsibility, CEO and president of Lamoiyan Corporation Pedro said the Philippines needs more entrepreneurs to be able to generate more jobs and alleviate the.

In addition, the company is in negotiations with the government in Myanmar regarding a new production facility, president and CEO Cecilio Pedro recently told the Manila Standard newspaper. The new products will most likely form part of the company’s anti-lice shampoo line, Pedro said.

It created a religior:I if culture that ultimately influenced the employees to contribute to society. g u 3 Cecilio Pedro and Lamoiyan Corporation Cecilio Kwok Pedro was born to a Filipino Chinese family in for wh the tradition was for the men to be involved in business.

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