Civil rights essay assignment 1 question 1 essay

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Civil rights essay assignment 1 question 1 essay

It deals with joinder of parties under FRCP This will give you a sense of the type of questions I will ask which sometimes include reviewing a pleading or document and how I want the answers structured. You may cite to a document in an appropriate question. Citations can be short and need not be in Bluebook form.

Note that there are no legal conclusions without explanation--everything has a why. Some questions may ask you to play a role--to make the arguments for one side or the other. Others, such as this one, ask you to give what you believe is the best answer--in such cases, I do not care what conclusion you reach so long as you justify it.

You could have concluded that joinder was proper here. I am happy to take any questions about this sample or how to approach these problems.

Trump by Summer Zervos. She alleges that Trump sexually assaulted her in a hotel room in Florida in Her claim, however, is for defamation.

Her theory, as revealed in the allegations of the Complaint, is that Trump, as a presidential candidate, repeatedly and publicly Civil rights essay assignment 1 question 1 essay allegations of assault by Zervos and other women and claimed those claims were fabricated.

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In doing so, he was calling Zervos a liar. And since her accusations of assault were true, his calling her a liar was false, thereby constituting defamation per se.

On October 12,around the time that Ms. Trump had sexually assault her in Stoynoff wants to bring a similar action against Mr. Because Trump did assault Stoynoff, her statements were true, meaning Trump labeling her a liar was false, thereby constituting defamation per se.

Can Stoynoff join as a plaintiff in this single lawsuit with Zervos? If Stoynoff does not join and files a separate action in the same federal districtis there anything the courts or parties can do to make litigation of the two cases more streamlined and efficient?

Also for purposes of this essay, consider and work with all the facts and statements quoted in the Zervos Complaint. But if Stoynoff files a separate action in the same federal district, they can be consolidated for limited purposes under FRCP Courts use two tests to define same transaction or occurrence.

But parallel or similar harm to different plaintiffs that happens to involve similar misconduct by the same defendant, without more, typically is not sufficient. There is no logical relationship between them.

The events never happened. All of these liars will be sued after the election is over. But these are non-specific, referring to an unknown number of unnamed women, not connecting statements about Stoynoff to statements about Zervos.

More importantly, the events that Trump was denying in his allegedly defamatory statements about Zervos bear no logical relationship to the ones about Stoynoff. Each involved separate events occurring several years apart, connected only by the common identity of the defendant.

The truth or falsity of the claims about the assault on Zervos bear no logical relationship to the truth or falsity of the claims about the assault on Stoynoff.

Given these factual differences, these claims do not make sense as a single litigation unit, beyond the identity of the defendant. The more-essential facts are not so related that fairness dictates litigating them together.

The same-transaction-or-occurrence analysis fares no better under the Same Evidence Test. While the same evidence will be used to prove the statements by Trump responding to all the accusers, evidence of distinct statements about each accuser will be different.

The second prong of the joinder analysis is satisfied here. There are questions of law common as to both plaintiffs—both actions assert claims for defamation, meaning the applicable legal rules and standards will be the same in both cases.

While Stoynoff must file a separate action, the court can streamline and make litigation of both actions more efficient through FRCP If the court consolidates, it may do so for all purposes, essentially creating one action, or only for limited purposes, retaining two actions but bringing them together for certain pretrial matters, such as discovery.

A court may consolidate for all purposes only if the parties could have been joined in one action in the first instance; FRCP 42 cannot be used to override FRCP As discussed above, these actions involve a common question of law, in that both involve defamation as the applicable substantive law.

Because joinder would have been improper for the reasons stated above, however, any consolidation would be for limited purposes only and each action would remain distinct.

The court might consider consolidating these actions for some discovery, such as any deposition of Trump.In the following essay I will highlight how far the Civil Rights Movement between and improved the position of African Americans in relation to Education, their social, political and economical position, with particular emphasis to both the successes and failures of the Civil Rights Movement.

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Civil rights definition, rights to personal liberty established by the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and certain Congressional acts, especially as applied to an individual or a minority group. See more. Build & Sustain Innovative Work Environment Assignment. Activity 1. Why do you think it is important for leaders to make innovation a part of their management activities?

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Civil rights essay assignment 1 question 1 essay

We have a list of topics to get you started. We also offer a few examples as guides. Jan 24,  · Sample Essay and Answer After the jump is an essay question from last year, along with the Sample Answer I provided. It deals with joinder of parties under FRCP

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