Eco friendly constructions

Elite-Construction employ our own friendly English work force and work to the highest standards.

Eco friendly constructions

High airflow rates produce tempered glass Annex Tempered and much lower airflow rates produce Annex Heat Strengthened. Both, Annex Tempered and Annex Heat Strengthened glasses have increased strength to resist higher levels of impact, mechanical load and thermal stress. Lower airflow rates produce Heat Strengthened glass.

Annex Heat Strengthened glasses have increased strength to resist higher levels of impact, mechanical load and thermal stress. It is mounted in a sash or frame like a thick piece of glass. Annex Secure is used where ballistic defense or heightened security measures are required.

From podium enclosures to glass casings and storage of important data or files, top-grade bullet-resistant glass from Annex is the solution for the demanding safety requirements in India, or anywhere.

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This invisible PVB layer is designed to keep the glass integral to the structure upon breakage, rather than allowing the glass to shatter into otherwise large, sharp, and dangerous pieces.

PVB also dulls the edges of broken shards of glass, significantly lowering the risk of injury. After undergoing a series of heating and pressing, the two lites of glass and PVB interlayer become one solid, durable glass.

The whole laminating line complies with directives of ASTM and other international standards. Our team of project managers and expert craftsmen know the latest fabrication styles and techniques, they strive to make your glass applications stand out and stay unique, whether shower cubicles, all-glass doors and entry systems, table tops, mirrors, or other glass constructions.

The ever-changing market requirement motivates us to keep upgrading our expertise.

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Tell us what you require from the product and we will advise which of our glass product solutions is most suitable for the task. Its quality policy covers all processes, production technologies and business practices employed to deliver advanced glass products and services.

Annex achieves its quality objectives through. Annex glass products help architects and owners achieve LEED certification for their projects through innovation and design.

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Benefits Of Recycling Glass: Recycling glass provides for unmatched production efficiencies and significant environmental benefits. Saves raw materials — Over a ton of natural resources are conserved for every ton of glass recycled, including 1, pounds of sand, pounds of soda ash, pounds of limestone, and pounds of feldspar.

Extends furnace life — Including cullet in the manufacturing mix makes it less corrosive and lowers the melting temperature from degrees F. Contact Us Better chance to know about us Get in touch to join our family For career opportunities - careers annexglass.A definition of the term 'eco-friendly construction' with examples of the range of buildings, some of the features involved, and suggestions on where to find them.

The company is now in its fourth decade of manufacturing ferrous &non ferrousinvestment castings.

Eco friendly constructions

UniDeritend has earned a reputation by developing over precision castings of unmatched product quality and schwenkreis.comf different near net shaped parts to almost every conceivable engineering application for unmatched product quality & integrity. Eco-friendly, or ecological, construction is building a structure that is beneficial or non-harmful to the environment, and resource efficient.

Eco-Friendly Construction. AOW is dedicated to working with Engineers and Architects as a part of the project team to establish goals and objectives relating to sustainable construction.

For over 10 years, PT Quality Constructions have been designing and building timber decks and pergolas throughout Sydney in hundreds of different shapes and sizes.


Eco Green Ltd. is leading Manufacturer, supplier of AAC Block, Light Weight AAC Blocks, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks, Green AAC Blocks, Eco Friendly AAC Blcoks at Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India.

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