Geely strategy


Geely strategy

Strategic management report help: Case analysis on Geely Strategic management report help: Case analysis on Geely Executive summary: The main aim of this report is to make a case analysis and to make learner skillful for analysis and implementation of strategic interventions in several organizational contexts.

Therefore, to organize the entire report, it has been continued in some sections. First part attempts to assess the current strategy of the organization selected for a case study and its capacity to sustain competitive advantage.

Further, internal and external analysis has been made to obtain the findings.

Geely Auto Announces ‘ Strategy’ : Zhejiang Geely Holding Group

Then, it explains at least three key strategic issues of the organization and finds out some major concerns in this regard. Afterward, a few options have been recommended to avoid and to mitigate the issues after being evaluated and justified in terms of sustainable competitive analysis.

At the end, some decisive points have been drawn out as a part of the conclusion for the report.

Geely strategy

The company basically uses the three gear strategy in which first gear is user understanding, second is concept visualization and final and third gear is strategic business design.

Next section of the report identifies and assesses the current strategy and business performance of the company and also evaluates the capability of Geely in sustaining the competitive advantage.

Assessment of current strategy and business-performance: Geely has been progressively presenting growth among all the carmakers in automobile sector. As this segment will move on assessing the current strategy being followed by the company, it is obvious to brief the term strategy first.

Strategy refers to the direction and scope of an enterprise over the long-term: In this context, key components of the business system have been discussed in order to assess its strategic performance. Kotelnikov, Value proposition: Similarly, they demonstrated a year on year enlargement of Therefore, in DecemberGeely was accepted formally and got registered itself as a carmaker and the first privately possessed car manufacture in China.

It moved on growing further and then it became the ninth largest carmaker in China within less than 10 years. In sum, it has developed its manufacturing capacity tounits and also established its five new manufacturing locations.

Strategic Management assignment on: Business performance - Geely The main aim of this report is to make a case analysis and to make learner skillful for analysis and implementation of strategic interventions in several organizational contexts. Therefore, to organize the entire report, it has been continued in some sections.
Geely presents wide-ranging electric vehicle strategy The financial crisis of gave him his opportunity.
Geely EV Models | Geely Eectric Cas Strategy | Geely Electric Vehicles Lotus will be restored as a luxury brand competing with Ferrari. Earlier Geely owner Li Shufu said he aims to make Lotus profitable while embracing electrification and artificial intelligence.
Strategic management report help: Case analysis on Geely Strategy Strategy Corporate strategy is based on changes in the environment, their own resources and strengths to choose the field of business and products, to form their own core competitiveness, and through differentiated win in the competition, as the world economic globalization and integration processes accelerate and consequent increased international competition for increasingly demanding corporate strategy.
Industry service for electric mobility


Geely has put its main focus on pricing and has adopted a well-structured pricing strategy to grip the best of the market. On the other hand, it has taken different innovative and additional features into account during the manufacturing process.

When a product is offered to the customer, it needs not necessarily to be different from others but should be up to the expectations of customers and better.

Geely has served the best quality in affordable price which makes its product different from others. Summary of Geely automobile company value chain analysis can be measured on the basis of this model.

Talking about value chain in Geely, it experienced at least two stages in the development of their product architecture. In first stage, the changes were based on simple simulation. Later, in the second stage, the competencies of mixing-and-matching elements were developed Acdivoca, At the time of operationsgoods are manufactured and brought together.

Furthermore, its capacity to sustain competitive advantage can also be evaluated on the basis of its performance and competencies. It has entailed the formation of innovative inter-firm relationships supporting its current strategy.Geely’s annual report of revealed its current strategy of adopting quasi-open architecture module and low-price strategy.

On the other hand, it also represented company’s performance based on the strategy. Geely Auto Group, (Geely) unveiled its most ambitious strategy to date at the 30 th celebration of the founding of Zhejiang Geely Holding Company (ZGH), the Group’s mother company.

Geely . SAVONIA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Savonia Business China’s Foreign Investment Analysis Case Study of Geely Acquired Volvo Zhang Huihui. From above statements of the current mission and key strategic issues of of Geely group, it can be found that this company has paid more and more attention to the business strategy, and tried to make clear mission definitions and draw a proper strategy for itself.

Furthermore, Geely wants to launch their first fuel cell vehicle by Before though, they plan 30 more electric and hybrid cars, according to the strategy that rests on four technological pillars: alternative fuels, fuel cell, pure electric, and hybrid technologies many of which Geely is developing in-house.

GEELY ELECTRIC VEHICLES. Geely Electric Vehicles strategy is centered around its Blue Geely Initiative. The plan aims to change the company’s lineup from internal-combustion engines to alternative energy which includes EVs, hybrids, and plug-in hybrids, hydrogen and metal fuel cells.

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