Marta sabou thesis

The TopBraid Composer9 in the payed ver- sion, expresses patches using the diff ontology2, while it also provides a graphical user interface for exploring the changes. Available online at www. Figure 1 shows all the classes that were customized using TopBraid Composer.

Marta sabou thesis

Dr Anna De Liddo! The viva panel were impressed with the originality of the research, and the scientific rigour with which it had been approached. In their own words The abstract is as follows: The communicative turn in planning theory argues that knowledge in planning is a social construction, emphasizing that knowledge is built in social contexts, by a plurality of actors, through their interactions.

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This new understanding of knowledge is built around the need of plurality of reasons and voices to inform and legitimate planning actions.

However this knowledge is often difficult to capture and integrate within the wider knowledge base that planners generate in the planning process.

Marta sabou thesis

The body of knowledge guiding and supporting the planning process is captured in distributed fragments that come from a combination of present and past information, facts, people and artefacts produced by dispersed decision-processes.

This knowledge fragmentation and distribution hampers, and often impedes, transparent and coherent decision-making processes in participatory planning practices. The thesis addresses the challenge of transparent knowledge integration, focusing on the definition of new methods and tools to handle and integrate planning knowledge in order to trace how design decisions develop to create a planning process memory.

An information architecture is proposed to represent and manage participatory planning knowledge, and a multimedia tools platform has been designed to represent how knowledge evolves within this software environment.

Evidence is given of how the information architecture coupled with the use of a hypermedia visual Knowledge Management System hvKMS Compendium offers a valuable support to managing knowledge in Participatory Planning.

In particular the information architecture enables effective representation of knowledge fragments in different dimensions according to their relevance to different contexts.

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This implies two grades of benefits: Furthermore, the case studies show that the tools are easy to use, flexible and customizable. Several examples are given of how the tools can support the tracing and representation of planning processes which differentiate for method, task, scale, planning phase and stakeholders involved.

As a final result of the platform and method testing, the thesis discuss three facets of a process-memory platform for planning practices at the technical, political and community levels. A critical analysis of the results is presented regarding limitations of the platform and, starting from this consideration future work and system evolution will be envisioned, recalibrating objective and strategy to new research challenges.MBA Thesis, Mandy Stam – Setup of Business Intelligence Suites MBA Thesis, Alexandros Osyos – Mobile Time Management PhD supervision of Fouad Zablith, jointly with M.

d’Aquin and E. Motta – Ontology Evolution.

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Master Thesis. Jens Hoernecke: Erweiterung des Learning Management System OLAT um die Funktionalität der automatischen Überprüfung und Bewertung von .

M Sabou, O Kovalenko, P Novák – Semantic Web Technologies for , – Springer Page 1. Chapter 5 Semantic Modelling and Acquisition of Engineering Knowledge Marta Sabou, Olga Kovalenko and Petr Novák Abstract Ontologies are key Semantic Web technologies (SWTs) that provide means to formally .

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Petr Novak is a postdoctoral researcher at CTU in Prague - CIIRC; a contributor to the Czech National Centre for Industry and a developer in Industry Testbed at CTU in Prague - CIIRC. Maximilian Marx, Markus Krötzsch, Veronika Thost Phd thesis, TU Dresden, /06/19 Details Download.

Marta sabou thesis

Markus Krötzsch, Veronika Thost Ontologies for Knowledge Graphs: Breaking the Rules In Yolanda Gil, Elena Simperl, Paul Groth, Freddy Lecue, Markus Krötzsch, Alasdair Gray, Marta Sabou.

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