Open university creative writing a17474

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Open university creative writing a17474

OU A Creative Writing: What was it like? I received the course materials in late September — a set of CDs with interviews with writers, a big textbook — nicknamed the BRB Big Red Book by fellow students, a Workbook giving week by week instructions on which bits of the book and CDs to use and what to write.

I also had access to the OU online forums, divided into the Tutor Group Forum TGF which is for about 20 students, and was under the watchful eye of our tutor, and the Student Cafe which was more open university creative writing a17474 a free for all for everyone — there were hundreds on the course from all over the country — and watched by OU moderators.

My tutor was very good and responded quickly if we post work on the TGF, but I would have preferred more students from my group to use it. When I did A the previous year the TGF was very good, with 5 or 6 students who posted work and critiqued all the time.

Students from other tutor groups, however, set up their own discussion forums and there was one, with about 5 really active members, which suited me.

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There was much discussion in the Student Cafe about the form this notebook should take, leather bound mega expensive Moleskine de luxe notebook, or a cheap A4 student pad? Morning Pages involved waking up earlier than usual groanand the first action before brushing teeth, going to the toilet, stretching arms above head, or any of those waking-up actions, was to grab the notebook and start freewriting.

Freewriting is supposed to be about whatever comes into your mind. I have to say that Morning Pages does not really work for me. My subconscious mind has not been cavorting while I was asleep, but stumbling about weakly, worrying about the day job. On the other hand, I did find the notebook useful when sitting down in the evening to write, as a place to scribble random ideas and fragments, or crazy ideas that occur when I am sitting drinking with my husband.

Equally I like to write directly on to the computer and, with Scrivener, the fragments can all be stored in some sort of order and retrieved when needed. The other writing technique we were advised to try was clustering, which involved writing your initial idea in the centre of the notebook page, and then writing ideas around it in a sort of free association exercise.

The end result looked like a spider with the ideas beaded along the legs. Moderately useful, but I found it just as easy to type or write a list of the idea words in a line, deleting them as I incorporated them into the piece of writing.

I discovered that Mind Node was a useful app for doing this on the iPad. The first assignment was a piece of short fiction, based on a freewrite, which in turn was based on a choice from a series of set prompts.

I wrote a story set at Heathrow T5, about a woman waiting to meet a man who is never going to return. Since then I have studied setting, character development and writing from different points of view.

The second assignment was a short story, with a commentary and bibliography. The commentary was about how the story was developed. I made the condemned man into a more complex character and created the character of the prison chaplain to give a view point which could move in and out of the prison.

The word limit for the story was only 2, words so I economised by having some of the events — the murder and hanging — alluded to in conversation between the characters rather than directly describing them. At that point I was starting to plan for the final TMA — a short story developed for a magazine to match their submission requirements — I decided on a story about a Spanish Armada survivor.

No ideas at that point for that one. That was a real benefit of the course, actually. This did not come naturally, but learning it was like learning to do cryptic crosswords, starting with the idea and then fitting words around it, thinking about the sounds and shapes of the words and trying to express ideas as economically as possible.

I learned to count the beats of a line on my fingers, and mutter my compositions to myself as I wrote. It is not just the rhythm and the sound of the letters, but also the musical note. There are other types of life writing such as travel and food writing, which I should have explored more.

Some websites do offer advice and encouragement to writers. On the course, we were not asked to research self-publishing, however I suspected we should try to learn something about this rapidly changing area.

Their argument was that traditional publishers are bringing out fewer titles each year, that electronic marketing is overtaking everything else, and that self-publishing is no longer a dirty word, and for some authors can be a stepping stone to traditional publishing.

Social media is all important. Either would do as the foundation of a novel, and I felt the course had been useful in terms of learning more of the craft of writing, and that I came away with a clearer sense of my preferred genre, and with the basis for two longer narratives.

I was delighted to be one of ten authors selected for the Ten to One collaborative novel project, so over the next few months will be working on Ten to One. I was also delighted to pass the A module with Distinction. OU A Advanced Creative Writing is lined up for autumn and the people in my OU forum group are all going to be on it, so it should be good!What's creative about creative writing?

Updated Tuesday 12th December Can creativity be taught? This material forms part of The Open University course A Advanced creative writing. Listen now Creative Writing. Audio. Level: 3 Advanced. Used with permission. Writing what you know. Do you want to improve your descriptive writing.

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open university creative writing a17474

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