P6 internet marking

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P6 internet marking

These sections provide a great deal of technical detail about these chips and explain why one type of CPU chip can do more work than another in a given period of time. Microprocessors The brain or engine of the PC is the processor sometimes called microprocessoror central processing unit CPU.

The processor is easily the most expensive single component in the system, costing up to four or more times greater than the motherboard it plugs into.

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Intel is generally credited with creating the first microprocessor in with the introduction of a chip called the Today Intel still has control over the processor market, at least for PC systems. This means that all PC-compatible systems use either Intel processors or Intel-compatible processors from a handful of competitors such as AMD or Cyrix.

Although Intel is generally credited with inventing the processor and introducing the first one on the market, by the late s the two most popular processors for PCs were not from Intel although one was a clone of an Intel processor. In that case though, the clone had become more popular than the original.

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The Softcard contained a 2MHz Z processor. This allowed me to run software for both types of processors on the one system.

P6 internet marking

The following sections cover the different types of processor chips that have been used in personal computers since the first PC was introduced almost two decades ago.More information on the Secondary One posting exercise and the Secondary One internet system is available at MOE's Secondary One posting website or in the information booklet, Choosing Your.

It is important to look on the internet for products like your own.

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This enables you to estimate prices of products. This enables you to estimate prices of products. What competition there is, this gives you more inspiration to make your product stand out from similar products that are in the market.

E-Marketing is defined by Chaffney as “The management and execution of marketing using electronic media such as the web, e-,mail, Interactive TV, IPTV and wireless media in conjunction with digital date about customers characteristics and behaviours”(Chaffney, p.

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Jan 25,  · Explain the Challenges of Globalisation facing a Selected Business when using the Internet as a Marketing Tool (P6) Posted on January 25, by roheelm According to Investopedia, globalisation is defined as the tendency for business and financial investments to move from domestic and national markets to markets around the world therefore.

Unit 12 - Internet Marketing Challenges (P6) P6 Challenges. Security – Process, Physical evidence. Security is highly important in many businesses, security is a protection on a business from threats that they may face.

There are many types of security Puma should look into securing and safeguarding such as security for payment, customer.

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