Salamone cartoon analaysis

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Salamone cartoon analaysis

And if I simply look at Eloise as a character, as a person, as a child, I do see much to cherish and to tenderly if not even glowingly appreciate her voice, her imagination, her often delightful games and tha I know that Kay Thompson's and Hilary Knight's Eloise is considered both a classic and for many seemingly a personal and nostalgic favourite and also very much a slice of genuine New York City life, as Eloise's place of residence, the Plaza, is a bona fide Midtown Manhattan luxury hotel.

And if I simply look at Eloise as a character, as a person, as a child, I do see much to cherish and to tenderly if not even glowingly appreciate her voice, her imagination, her often delightful games and that she really always finds ways to entertain herself, to make life fun and interesting for her.

However, and this is quite a massive, fraught with intense frustration however, as an older adult, I do NOT in any way find Eloise either all that humorous or even all that inherently sweet, but mostly both rather majorly depressing and saddening, and actually generally anger-inducing.

Eloise by Kay Thompson

Because and in my humble opinion, first and foremost, little Eloise is for all intents and purposes a sadly neglected and willfully unparented child, a poor little rich girl whose often absent and careless mother seems to spend much of her time traipsing around the world, leaving Eloise basically and constantly alone at the Plaza Hotel, cared for by a nanny and generally Salamone cartoon analaysis by ONLY Salamone cartoon analaysis who not only cannot take the place of a parent, but who as employees of the Plaza Hotel also generally would probably not even dare to discipline Eloise if or rather when her behaviour becomes an issue or a potential concern, considering that Eloise's mother is wealthy, socially connected and a close and personal friend of the hotel owner and they, the diverse hotel employees, would likely be legitimately afraid of losing their jobs if they dared to be overtly critical of Eloise or even tried saying a categorical "no" to her.

And while Eloise might indeed have, might possess a lot of objects and received gifts mostly from her mother, it seemsshe generally does NOT have her mother's presence and she does not have her mother's love and care resulting in a child who while imaginative and often endearing has in many ways been left to run wild, and because of her family's material wealth, has thus also become entitled, spoiled and often simply infuriating.

That all being said, I actually do MUCH like Eloise as a person, and I do not in any way think of her as a so-called spoiled brat as some commentators and reviewers seem to desire labeling and calling her. No, ALL my potential criticisms I level entirely at Eloise's family, but especially her neglectful social butterfly of a mother, who obviously cares more about her wealthy and jet-setting lifestyle than she does about being a responsible caregiver to her little daughter and yes, even when Eloise misbehaves and acts her worst, I never dislike her, I actually more feel sorry for her and try to level my criticism where it is required and justified, at the absent mother and the non existent parenting.

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And it really and truly does massively annoy me to no end when I come across reviews who ONLY fault Eloise for her behaviour and do not go that one necessary step further and rightfully condemn and criticise the person who has created and precipitated this scenario in the first place, namely her for the most part both physically and emotionally absent and irresponsible mother her biological family.

Now I have been debating whether to rate Eloise with three stars, or whether to actually consider but two stars, and I am still waffling a bit. However, considering that I also do not all that much enjoy Hilary Knight's accompanying illustrations, I think I will at least for the present stick with a two star rating as the pictures, while expressive and definitely full of movement and life, are also much too cartoon like for my personal tastes and really do seem to make both Eloise and especially the poor nanny appear almost caricature like and ugly.

And thus, two stars it is for Eloise although if half stars were permitted, I would most definitely be changing my rating to two and a half stars.

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Am I going to review the sequels? Well perhaps, as I do own copies of them, but after having quickly skimmed through them, I do NOT think anything will likely much change my at best rather luke-warm reaction to Eloise and her exploits and I believe my viscerally intensely negative attitude towards the mother, towards Eloise's biological family will more than likely but increase, as even in the Christmastime offering, NO members of Eloise's supposed nearest and dearest bother to make a physical appearance, leaving Eloise alone with but her nanny even then.Cartoon Analysis Worksheet Your Name: Name of Cartoon: Class: Date: Level 1 Visuals Words (not all cartoons include words) 1) List the objects or people you see in the cartoon.

1) Identify the cartoon caption and/or title. 2) Locate three words or phrases used by the cartoonist to identify objects or people within the cartoon. Campus fm has announced its schedule of new programmes for the February-May others, this schedule will see the return of a programme produced by Patricia Salomone who, this time will.

Salamone Cartoon Analaysis Decapitation Cartoons have been used to poke fun at certain topics for generations. Cartoons are entertaining because they can play by any rules the artist wants. May 07,  · This video is unavailable.

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Salamone cartoon analaysis

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