Staying current on school law

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Staying current on school law

At the time, I had no knowledge of telecommunications law or the industry and so I spent the next few years learning as much as I could from managers and engineers to customer service and technicians.

Competition was introduced into the sector in ; something which was both new and exciting. InI left SamoaTel to join the team at the Office of the Regulator, the regulator for telecommunications, broadcasting, postal and more recently electricity; where I am currently employed.

Postgraduate study was never a priority primarily because I am a mother of three and financial constraints did not allow for the same. However, as a small island nation with an emerging telecommunications market, Samoa has a real need to develop capacity in this area.

Telecommunications law and regulation is an ever expanding field and you find that there is always something new to learn about. Last year, my husband encouraged me to apply for one of the Commonwealth Scholarship Awards when it was advertised and I was fortunate enough to be granted one of the scholarships offered.

I chose to come to Queen Mary because of the modules offered. I wanted to do something that would be relevant and applicable when I returned to Samoa.

The three modules I chose to take — Telecommunications, Cyberspace and Media Law — provide a well-rounded program which will provide me with necessary skills to assist in the further development of the ICT sector particularly in the area of policy and associated laws in my home country.

I made the most of these opportunities in order to improve my experience, not only academically but socially and professionally as well. I was in turn highly rewarded for my efforts and determination. The culmination of a great year on the LLM was being hired by Promontory Financial Group as a privacy analyst along with several LLM colleagues after completing an internship programme that Queen Mary arranged.

Participation on Promontory's data breach workshop, which I helped organise at CCLS, had already given me some insights into the life of a privacy professional.

However, the experience as an intern and now as a privacy analyst has allowed me to put into practice my academic studies. I am overwhelmed with all the achievements in my LLM year and definitely consider it to be the best year of my life so far.

I was already in the second year of the law school, but it seemed that only new legal issues were capable of raising my attention, as opposed to the traditional subjects I had studied so far.

I was then presented with topics such as privacy and data protection, copyright, IP and the fashion industry, games, new business models, and Internet regulation, amongst others.

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Later, I was lucky to experience those subjects again at a few projects during another internship at Veirano Advogados, one of the main law companies in Brazil. Close to my graduation, I realised this was only a starting field in Brazil and therefore if I wanted to keep studying and seek to specialise in such an area I had to look for opportunities to study abroad.

After doing some research into different programs I concluded that QMUL was the best option, given the diversity and contemporaneity of its modules. I was really looking for an outstanding program in terms of being up to date with the legal discussions involving new technologies and so far I am very impressed for several reasons.

Firstly, the depth of knowledge taught in class is something that I had never experienced before. For example, as privacy and data protection law was one of my main researching areas I thought I would take it for granted at QMUL.

Surprisingly, the Privacy and Information Module exceeded my expectations because it embraces so many diverse topics and complex legal discussions, which I have never studied before. I have been constantly challenged by the advanced level of readings and the debates, both in class and externally.

 · The Faculty of Science, Agriculture, Business and Law is an innovative collaboration of scientists, researchers, and academics designed to deliver cutting-edge education and real-world learning. Join a Faculty of over staff and postgraduate students with international reach and active industry collaborations and partners across Asia and Chapter SCHOOL ATTENDANCE. in which the child resides may excuse the child from attendance for any part of the remainder of the current school year upon satisfactory having care of the child, in writing, of the legal consequences of being truant. When any child of compulsory school age, in violation of law, is not attending school  · Print Tobacco laws in Queensland. Laws in Queensland include smoking bans for indoor and outdoor public places, as well as tough restrictions on the

Simply spending time with other students enriches the LLM experience and allows an exchange of different cultural experiences. The academics are also enthusiastic to participate and sometimes organise their own social events.

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During the induction week, students are introduced to a series of medical and legal facilities and information on how to best settle down in the city. Alongside with classes QMUL offers seminars about careers, dissertation, exams, writing skills, etc.

Staying current on school law

I personally think that those three elements — the advanced level of study, opportunities to engage academically and socially, and staff support — allow students to take full advantage of the LLM experience at QMUL.

I decided to study my LLM at Queen Mary because of the wide range of specialisations and courses offered. The modules I have taken Computer Law, Communications Law and Privacy Law have been excellent; the lecturers are experts in their fields, and are very approachable and helpful.

The Centre for Commercial Law Studies CCLSwhere all of my lectures took place, is centrally located, so it's easy to reach whether you're staying in student halls or private accommodation elsewhere in London.

London itself is a great place to study, and an exciting place to live. I would definitely recommend Queen Mary to anyone considering postgraduate study in law, particularly in the IT field.

Based in the very heart of the legal world of the UK, one could not be in a better place. · Kelly & Co is staying local. The Adelaide-based law firm says the 10 per cent growth it has enjoyed this year is less than last year’s 30 per cent surge, but is still enough to justify not Every state has an equivalent organization that deals with employment law and rules and regulations for the specific state.

You can find links to the state offices at the DOL website. Many countries have an office dedicated to employment as well.

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Along with the utilization of the school’s law agency and knowledge of board policies, an educator may stay current with updates applying to school law by logging on to the Texas Education Agency’s web site.

Staying Current on School Law Kimberly Edwards Introduction Being a principal is a very important position. I believe that when the principal has high expectations and morals that the whole school benefits.

When the principal is an example of someone with high standards the teachers, staff, and students will benefit from that example. Staying Current with the U.S.

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