Terminator sarah connor chronicle wallpaper

It is the first work in the Terminator franchise.

Terminator sarah connor chronicle wallpaper

Riley Dawson was a teenager in the Resistance.

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She was recruited by Jesse Flores in Terminator sarah connor chronicle wallpaper time travel back to to eliminate the Terminator Cameron 's influence over John Connor.

Her initial mission was to seduce John into falling in love with her. However, it was too late for Riley to realize that she was actually being used by Jesse as a scapegoat. Riley was killed during a fight following a confrontation with Jesse about her true mission.

Personality Riley appears to be something of a rebel; prone to skipping school, " Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today " resisting authority, " Automatic for the People " and having a talent for manipulation. Riley was born sometime around the Judgment Day.

She seemed to have been a rat catcher in the future, as with many of the juveniles in the shelters before being recruited by Jesse to separate John from Cameron.

Jesse's recruitment technique appears to have been seduction based. They make use of time displacement equipment and go into the past. After the time travel, Riley and Jesse appear naked in a rain-soaked alley.

Terminator sarah connor chronicle wallpaper

When they arrive at a hotel room, Riley is amazed at the early 21st century fabrics. She cleaned herself of the dirt on her and stayed with Jesse for a while before she was set up in a foster home under Aaron 's custody, and placed at an L. Later, she approached John for the first time outside the school and asked him why he bailed on English.

She called him a weirdo, but joined him on the grass outside. She introduced herself and gave him some attitude for not knowing who she is. Warily, he started to speak, but she interrupted him, baiting him into further conversation.

At a food cart she explained she got expelled from a Catholic school for a little star tattoo on her wrist. She asked about his obvious injuries and he replied "Car accident. John decided to retake the initiative from her after relating how his mom found a new house today and asked if she wanted to come over and see it.

As John and Riley surveyed the new house, she thought it looked nice but noticed how he kept looking around and at her oddly. She joked "never brought a girl home before? Once the couple reached his room, they discovered it still decked out for a little kid, with toys.

As they walked around the house, Riley scoffed at the bare fridge, but was enthused to find the ice cream that John knew would be the first thing stocked and hidden in a drawer. Once Sarah arrived home, after John introduces her, Sarah pulls him aside and they had a heated confrontation over her presence.

Cameron closed in on and inspected Riley making her a bit nervous.

Terminator sarah connor chronicle wallpaper

Sarah was adamant that this is no time for John to be pursuing girls, much less bringing them to the safe housebut John wondered vehemently when exactly will be the right time for him to live his own life.

Riley offered to leave, but John said everything was fine and took Riley's hand to lead her upstairs, leaving Sarah flummoxed.

Later, following the two upstairs, an insecure Sarah approached and touched John's doorknob, stopping to listen, but didn't knock or interrupt. Inside the room, John and Riley lay head to toe and she asked if he ever thought about the future and freedom from the tyranny of parents.

He admitted he thinks about the future quite a bit but he doesn't know about freedom. She confessed her parents are freaks, to which he replied "Yours too? The following morning in John's room, Riley was sitting at the end of his bed when he awoke.

John asked her if she slept on the floor or something and she replied that she's an early riser. She drew her phone from home and asked if she can call him.

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He programmed in his number and instructed her, even though it's weird, that whenever she calls him the first words out of her mouth need to be the date. Although she wonders why, she accepted his conditions. Later as a test, she made a call to John and performed the requested challenge using the wrong date in the process.

During this trip, they were arrested after Riley tried trying to destroy a camera with incriminating photos of John that could've gone to the authorities.

As a result, she was nearly killed by Cromartie in the gun battle that surrounded their escape. John sends her back to America, where he promised to tell her everything. Ferguson is Ill Today " After their Mexican ordeal, John visited Riley at her foster home, intending to explain what had happened.

As they entered in to conversation, John became uneasy about Riley's mental state expressed through the jarring perspective used by Riley. When the situation came to explaining things, he told her he couldn't, she responsed by telling him he didn't need to.hola, segi estos pasos y tube 1 mes gratis el servisio, al termino de los 30 dias clikee el boton renovar, y sigo teniendo netflix?

como es esto?

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To enhance creativity we motivate the participants to approach the problems from variety of vantage points. Dec 31,  · Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Wallpaper Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles nbsp; Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (sometimes abbreviated as Terminator: TSCC or simply TSCC is an American science fiction television series that aired on Fox.

Riley Dawson

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