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Naturally, as is the case with such things, careers and personal relationships are sacrificed on the wheel of fortune in order to feed this all-consuming passion. The 's was the hey day of the cut-throat stockbroker and from Trading Places to Wall Street and even Die Hard, this was reflected in the movies of that era. If The Bet is anything to go by, however, then stockbrokers haven't learnt anything in the 20 years hence and they're still a fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants mob with a penchant for suicidal tendencies when the going gets tough. And herein lies the problem of The Bet - it's handling of it's subject matter makes it feel 20 years out of date, conforming to 80's stereotypes as it plays out its predictable hand.

The bet

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Anton Chekhov The Bet It was a dark autumn night. The old banker was walking up and down his study and remembering how, fifteen years before, he had given a party one autumn evening.

There had been many clever men there, and there had been interesting conversations. Among other things they had talked of capital punishment. The majority of the guests, among whom were many journalists and intellectual men, disapproved of the death penalty.

They considered that form of punishment out of date, immoral, and unsuitable for Christian States. In the opinion of some of them the death penalty ought to be replaced everywhere by imprisonment for life. Capital punishment kills a man at once, but lifelong imprisonment kills him slowly.

Which executioner is the more humane, he who kills you in a few minutes or he who drags the life out of you in the course of many years? The State is not God. It has not the right to take away what it cannot restore when it wants to. When he was asked his opinion, he said: To live anyhow is better than not at all.

The banker, who was younger and more nervous in those days, was suddenly carried away by excitement; he struck the table with his fist and shouted at the young man: You stake your millions and I stake my freedom!

The bet

And this wild, senseless bet was carried out! The banker, spoilt and frivolous, with millions beyond his reckoning, was delighted at the bet. At supper he made fun of the young man, and said: To me two million is a trifle, but you are losing three or four of the best years of your life.

The thought that you have the right to step out in liberty at any moment will poison your whole existence in prison. I am sorry for you. Can it prove that the death penalty is better or worse than imprisonment for life?

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It was all nonsensical and meaningless. On my part it was the caprice of a pampered man, and on his part simple greed for money It was agreed that for fifteen years he should not be free to cross the threshold of the lodge, to see human beings, to hear the human voice, or to receive letters and newspapers.

He was allowed to have a musical instrument and books, and was allowed to write letters, to drink wine, and to smoke. By the terms of the agreement, the only relations he could have with the outer world were by a little window made purposely for that object.

He might have anything he wanted - books, music, wine, and so on - in any quantity he desired by writing an order, but could only receive them through the window. The slightest attempt on his part to break the conditions, if only two minutes before the end, released the banker from the obligation to pay him the two million.

The sounds of the piano could be heard continually day and night from his lodge. He refused wine and tobacco. Wine, he wrote, excites the desires, and desires are the worst foes of the prisoner; and besides, nothing could be more dreary than drinking good wine and seeing no one.

And tobacco spoilt the air of his room.“The Bet” is the story of a bet that stakes a banker’s two million rubles against fifteen years of a young lawyer’s life. As the story opens, the banker is recalling the occasion of the. is your home for all the latest celebrity, music, fashion, entertainment and African-American news.

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"The Bet" (Russian: "Пари", translit. Pari) is an short story by Anton Chekhov about a banker and a young lawyer who make a bet with each other about whether .

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