The meaning and importance of our dreams

But dream analysis is none of these things. Below, clinical psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber explains why we dream, why analysis is important and how to start interpreting your dreams. Dreaming is the communication between our conscious mind and our unconscious mind, helping people create wholeness, he says.

The meaning and importance of our dreams

Winning the lottery in a dream can symbolize being lucky. People are said to win the lottery when they get hired for a coveted job, or marry the perfect mate, or have a wonderful family, or rise to the top in their profession. They get lucky, the few chosen from among the many, even when the luck is earned.

Lottery dreams are rarely about money directly, but instead about what it symbolizes. What if you actually won? What would you do, and how would it change your life? Dreams help clear impediments, such as the belief that nothing good ever happens to you.

And they address side questions such as, Would winning the lottery change you and your life in bad ways? Would it be bad for people close to you? Are you better off where you are? Some people say that winning the lottery is blind luck, and others say that our consciousness creates our reality and our so-called luck.

If consciousness creates reality, then improving and raising your consciousness is a direct way of improving your reality.

Dreams are all about that. Learning from them puts you in a better position to win the lottery of life. Your journey to interpreting your dreams begins here: Playing the lottery can symbolize creating your own opportunity or luck.

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You create your own luck by putting yourself in a position to succeed. For example, an author me dreams about buying permanent lottery numbers.

The meaning and importance of our dreams

If the numbers come up in any future lottery, he wins. He resolves to buy all the numbers available. Since no lottery actually works that way, that part is obviously symbolic of something. In dreams, buying something can symbolize an investment of time and energy, so buying permanent lottery numbers symbolizes putting the time and energy into maximizing every opportunity.

A woman dreams that she holds a winning lottery ticket and tries to read the numbers as people around her react with excitement and bewilderment. She wakes up thinking that maybe the dream tried to give her the winning numbers in an upcoming lottery drawing. But with more thought she realizes the dream is really about getting motivated to create her own success.


In the dream she is distracted by the hoopla around her, symbolizing the distractions that keep her from fully applying herself to her work. Lottery dreams that come true This post is excerpted from my book about dream interpretation.

People have dreamed about winning lottery numbersplayed them, and struck it rich. They have dreamed about playing ANY numbers and won. Then again, l ottery winners have also played numbers found in a fortune cookie and won, so just dreaming about winning the lottery or about winning numbers is not a sure thing.

And this guy won the lottery after playing numbers he dreamed about. Synchronicity is the concept of meaningful coincidence, including the uncanny timing and arrangement of events.How to Understand Common Dreams.

From our Dream Dictionary you have looked up the symbols for common dreams and what they mean. From these you will understand the overall meaning of your dream. The next step is to look beyond the common dream and deepen your understanding.

I. The Positive Bias of Positive Psychology Flying dreams are one of a rare breed of dreams that most often have good meanings.

Dream Interpretation: What Do Dreams Mean? Share Flip Email Search the site GO. More in Psychology their purpose, let alone how to interpret the meaning of dreams.

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Dreams can be mysterious, but understanding the meaning of our dreams can be downright baffling. is that the weight and importance people attach to their dreams .

Flying dreams can be both empowering and exhilarating. The feeling of being free to go where you please without gravity holding you back is significant in a number of ways. Death dreams can be a way of our subconscious mind to convey important messages about different aspects of our lives.

What do they mean? Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to have a dream in which a loved one has died will know that it can be a very upsetting experience. This is a very common experience for people. The meaning of dreams can often be easier to grasp when working with someone else’s dreams.

But our own dreams seem confusing and obscure.

The meaning and importance of our dreams

Dreams can be mysterious, but understanding the meaning of our dreams can be downright baffling. Our dreams' contents can shift suddenly, feature bizarre elements, or frighten us with terrifying imagery.

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