Thesis kuno

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Thesis kuno

Compared to other cultural heritage objects, ancient manuscripts are more vulnerable to damage, either due to the humidity of the air and water, rodents destroyed, indifference, natural disasters, fire, Thesis kuno, and coupled with the activities of buying and selling a script to foreign countries.

Storage method is only stored in glass cabinets or unprotected without any preservatives. In fact, there are ancient manuscripts that were torn and patched with other paper to glue back the tears. This type of research used in this study was a descriptive study with a qualitative approach.

Subjects were managers and the visitors at the Library of Reksa Pustaka Library. Data collection techniques using observation, interviews, and documentation studies. The result of research showed that the Mangkunegaran Reksa Pustaka Library of Surakarta as the oldest library with ancient manuscript collection had high historical value and remained to maintain its existence.

The number of ancient manuscript collection the Reksa Pustaka Library had was exemplars; some attempts had been taken to secure its intellectual content including transfer of information and cooperative action and the use of technology on a large scale or by transferring media into microfilm.

Thesis kuno

In addition, the physical preservation had also been conducted using housekeeping nature and disaster preparedness plan methods. In addition ancient manuscript preservation, Reksa Pustaka Library had transliterated the ancient manuscript, by means of transferring it from Javanese letter to Latin letter.

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First of all, I would like to thank my thesis adviser Professor Dr. Kuno Schedler, who had the confidence to take me under his wing, given my unique professional back- ground.

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